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About Me

Yo! Name's Elian Hollow. I am a 29-year-old transmasculine man (he/him) who is returning to the social side of the internet after roughly if not exactly nine years away due to school and personal stuff.

Times have been tough, and they still are, but I am determined to do something now, beginning with reentering the online social world as a multidimensional content creator.

I am a member of the schwarze szene and a fervent metalhead! I have great aspirations, starting with bringing a new, fresh face to and take on the whole idea of a personality in the alt scenes—maybe specifically the online alt scenes.

I plan to do this in several ways, such as having more diverse interests other than the usual unboxings, hauls, "what is ---", financially impossible trips here and there for the average person, and endless makeup videos.

My short time perusing the many popular, large, and even some smaller content creators have shown me one thing: they seem impossible to relate to. I want and yearn for relatability, and I wonder if there are others in the many alt communities who feel the same.

As for myself, I'm a modest fella. I suffer from major depressive disorder and find myself at war with my mind and my body. But I don't want to linger on that so much.

Some things I like include Halloween, video and PC games, metal music, the colors black and silver, coffins, bats, and I find collars to be the perfect addition to any outfit. I am also interested in African spirituality.

Thanks for coming to my teeny lil' modest site! If you're interested, feel free to check out my links under the header and on the front page! 😁

For more detailed information about me, come to my blog's aptly named About Me page!

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Copyright © 2021 Elian Hollow. All rights reserved.